I’m a mom of three; a thinker and wonderer; a reader and a seeker of truth; a painter, a writer, a baker and a meditator and mediator. I love being a mom and seeking out ways to be the best that I can for my children. This path has led me to the importance of mindfulness, of self-reflection, and humbleness. I believe kids are people and should be treated that way. I am far from perfect, by which I mean that anger and frustration certainly rear their ugly heads in our household, but we try our best to process them in positive ways. I believe in the healing power of laughter, hugging, and holding each other in our hearts. I think we always have to work a little to break down the barriers that can easily grow between us when we don’t speak our own truth, while simultaneously accepting that we are each our own individuals; our children don’t belong to us and even though it’s easy to think that we KNOW them, there are infinite ways that we don’t.

I think life takes courage, (healthy) pride, compassion, curiosity, laughter and LOVE. This blog is a place to share my thoughts on parenting, life and mindfulness; to encourage peaceful and connected parenting; to offer ways to grow deeper into self-awareness. And to remember the importance of laughter – sometimes, and maybe most importantly, at ourselves!

Current self-appointed degrees: Masters in Mediation, Mindfulness, Cardboard Crafts, Curiosity and Patience.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something helpful here!

-yogi mama

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